Thursday, June 24, 2010

The All American Family Revisited

Remember the Brady Brunch? Well, I was browsing and came across this very interesting story of David Mayer and his partner Keith Kennard. David is a father of three and Keith has three sons of his own. Sound familiar?

"We really couldn't ask for a better opportunity to really raise our kids together ... you don't really hear that in our gay community, especially with black men."

In a time where gay rights are at the forefront of the media and public awareness, and gay adoption is an issue under fire in many states across the country, I think it very encouraging an informative to come across a story like this one. The article goes on to discuss the difficulties many gay couples face when beginning the journey through child adoption. As most of you know, adoption laws are different in every state. While Florida is the only state which openly bans gays and lesbians from adopting, other states like Mississippi and Utah will allow homosexuals to adopt if they are single, but will not allow a same-sex couple to adopt. Backwards? You're telling me! But, unfortunately this is the reality. About 20 % of same-sex couples in the U.S. are raising children and I have to wonder if perhaps that number would be higher if it weren't so difficult for same-sex couples to adopt. I also wonder if the laws were more lax, would there be so many instances of foster children ending up in unfit homes? Of course, I'm referencing back to a previous post of mine which can be read here.

Keith says of the challenges of parenthood:

"For David and I to actually have that little Brady Bunch thing going and for it to actually work is a wonderful thing. We just wish we could really see more of that."

Me too, Keith!

As a mother myself, I found this article very interesting in that it could have just as easily been a straight couple discussing the challenges of raising a family and running a busy household. I only have one and I am constantly in motion! The one difference? If I want to expand my family, whether biologically or through adoption, it's no big deal. But for a gay couple, who are just as in love as my husband and I are, it can be an awful lot of hoop jumping. And that is just simply unconstitutional.

Here's what you can do to make a step toward positive change and help millions of children in the process:

Sign this petition to help repeal the ban on gay adoption in Florida.

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