Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vermont proposes same-sex marriage-Show your support!

Hey you same-sex loving people and fans of same-sex loving people:

The first state to have civil unions is making gay history yet again this week. Although our country took huge steps back in the fight for gay rights with Prop 8, we could take another incredible step forward with gay marriage rights in Vermont.

Tonight is the public hearing for bill S.115, which would eliminate discrimination against gay and lesbian couples in Vermont’s marriage laws, while protecting the right of clergy and religious organizations to refuse to perform marriages contrary to their faith. To follow the hearing, you can listen at the Vermont Freedom to Marry website.

Although Vermont may seem far away, this decision affects every GLBTQA person in America. Everyone thought that California would vote no on Prop 8, and look what happened. Show your support, Sign the Marriage Resolution.

Get behind your community, and send your good energy over to those granola eating, patchouli smelling, flannel wearing same-sex loving Vermonters!


Fish out of Water

Monday, March 9, 2009

Photos from our Brooklyn Bash!

Hey Fish Fans!

Our first NYC fundraiser was a fabulous affair! Big thanks to everyone who came out and all those who spread the word to their NYC friends. Also we want want to thank Elizabeth Harper & The Matinee, DJ Chaz Requina and DJ Patrick Wimberly for their amazing performances. We couldn't have pulled this off without the help from our friends and Chris Conry for coordinating the event. Big apprecations to Monkey Town for hosting the event in their fantastic space.

Check out more photos of the party on our facebook page.