Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be All You Can Be

Lt. Dan Choi, who was put before an Army National Guard committee in June and subsequently discharged for not adhering to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy when he announced that he was gay on national television has been reinstated!!


Last night, many news outlets were reporting that Dan had been called back to active duty. Today, it has been announced that though he is not on "active duty", Dan, with the support of his command, was allowed to drill with his National Guard unit for training on critical infantry tasks with his soldiers.

For those of you who don't know the full story, Choi who majored in Arabic language at West Point, revealed his sexual orientation during an appearance March 19, 2009 on "The Rachel Maddow Show." Soon after, the army made plans to fire him, saying he had "negatively affected good order and discipline in the New York Army National Guard."

Dan fought this insane dismissal all summer long, even writing a letter to President Obama stating:

"My subordinates know I'm gay. They don't care, they are professional. As an infantry officer, I am not accustomed to begging. But I beg you today: Do not fire me"

With all the controversy surrounding DADT, it's great to see the military taking a step in the right direction. Who knows- maybe people are beginning to understand that it's not about who you sleep with, it's about your commitment to your country and yourself. It's right there in the slogan... BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Well, all we can be is who we are.

Choi was actually scheduled to appear at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Creating Change Conference over the weekend but was called back to his unit instead! While we would have loved to chat up the Arabic translator at the conference, we're all very glad to see him back at the job, doing what he does best!

Congrats Dan! We stand by you!

Respect and Blessings,

The FOOW Crew

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shane said...

I was so happy to hear this! Thanks for spreading the word- more people need to be in the know about what's going on in this country! Love the blog by the way - never heard of it before but I stumbled upon it and will definitely keep reading.