Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer of Hate

So, most of you have probably heard of the National Organization for Marriage and their crusade to keep marriage between and man and woman sacred... if you haven't check out this link. I assure you, it is quite disgusting.

You may have also heard of their Summer bus tour, which in their own words, is meant to "encourage supporters to stand up for marriage". I am a straight, married mother of one and I will NEVER "stand up for marriage" under NOM's policies and ideology. The "faith based" seminars and Republican backing aside, what they have been doing recently is less promotion of "traditional" marriage values and more promotion of how "disruptive" and "violent" counter protestors can be.

Recently, NOM released this video of marriage equality supporters "intimidating young children" and being unruly...

Jim Morrison once said "Whoever controls the media, controls the mind." Well, I certainly think that is true of the above video. It's clear things were edited and taken out of context to better serve their agenda... but what else is new? Speaking as a new mom, if I felt that people were "intimidating" my family or getting too close to my kids, you know what I would do? I would move and get my kids out of "harm's way".

Here's my response to the above video:

They look pretty peaceful to me....

NOM has also claimed to have had their bus tires slashed by marriage equality supporters... without any proof at all. I wouldn't be surprised if they vandalized their own bus just to propagate more hate towards the gay community.

The HRC calls the bus tour "a sham". And HRC Vice President for Communications & Marketing Fred Sainz said today:

“Let’s add it all up: NOM and its allies are making a last-ditch legal stand in Washington and Maine that they should be specially entitled to hide their political activities, and they’re saying that harassment and intimidation should provide them this cover. At the same time, Brian Brown schedules a series of virtually unattended weekday afternoon events hoping for counter-protests that they can then use as evidence of harassment and intimidation. Why else would NOM execute such half-hearted non-events and then completely subjugate its so-called ‘pro-marriage’ message in favor of devoting its energies almost exclusively to condemning lawful protesters?”

Well said Mr. Sainz, well said indeed. In fact, NOM's public statements on the bus tour have scarcely mentioned the content of the programs or the substance of its anti-LGBT message. Instead, they really do seem to be focusing attention on the decidedly larger counter-protests and calling their right to stand in opposition, "harassment".

And one other point... if NOM views itself as this benevolent organization that would never promote violence or intimidation to get their point across.... what is this?

I would think that proposing lynching as a way of "dealing with" this issue could be considered... oh , I don't know... a hate crime in the making?!


-Vignette-Noelle Lammott, Fish out of Water Blog Commentator -

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