Monday, May 17, 2010


Kiana Firouz, who is an Iranian queer rights activist currently living as a refugee in Britain to escape punishment for the film she recently appeared in where she openly discussed her life as a lesbian in Iran. But the Home Office is for some reason not taking the fact that she will most likely be killed if she goes back very seriously.

Kiana recently took part in the film Cul de sac, which focuses on her life and civil rights battles in Iran. “It was important for me to take part in the film,” she stated in a recent interview.

“As an Iranian lesbian I think the film is the best way to show how difficult life is for lesbians in my country. This film contains sex scenes that would be sufficient evidence for receiving a death sentence if I were sent back to Iran. Now, my only hope is to mobilize the international LGBT community.”

Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in Iran. Generally, homosexuality is punishable by 100 lashes with the death penalty being enforced after the fourth "offense".

Kiana, just 27 years old, now faces the very real possibility of deportation form England back to Iran.


-Vignette-Noelle Lammott, Fish out of Water Blog Commentator -

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Diana said...

As I read it I tried to tell myself that this could not be real. Maybe I'm too shelter to realize that crimes against homosexuals still exist in this magnitud. I would like to know why Britain is denying her the right to remain a refugee, they have to have serious criminal records on her (which I doubt) or they are terrified to get an attack from Iran. Either way, if the expulsion from Britain cannot be stopped, is there a way to get another country to take her as a refugee? I think the important thing is keeping her out of Iran, in any possible way.