Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of the Water and On the Road!

Fish Out of Water fans unite!! Fish Out of Water is hitting the road this July on a tour we're calling The Great American Outing! The tour is a three-week, 14 city road trip aimed at eradicating misconceptions about the Bible’s stance on homosexuality by offering free screenings of Fish Out of Water

As most of you know, Fish out of Water was crafted to be a toolbox to help the LGBTQ community and our allies combat Bible-based discrimination. Whether someone is gay or straight, religious or nonreligious, very few people are able to articulate what the Bible really says about homosexuality. Fish out of Water is a useful, entertaining tool that helps people breach the conversation of the Bible, in an inclusive, non-hostile, accessible way.

If Fish out of Water has helped to educate, inspire or heal you, we ask you to make it possible for our film to reach others. Please visit our Great American Outing website and consider donating to our efforts. In order to make this tour a possibility, we need to raise $10,000 per city.

Donate and check it out here:

Any amount will help us! $25 will help us pay for gas. $100 will provide one lunch for our entire crew! $1000 will provide lodging for our entire crew for one night.

If you'd like to sponsor an entire city for $10,000. If you or your organization acts as city sponsor, your name will be attached to that city on our website, on our van and in all press releases.

Please help us turn our movie into a movement.

Our best,

The Great American Outing Team

Ky Dickens (Tour Creator)

Elizabeth Chase (Tour Producer)

Kate Baldridge (Tour Producer)

Kristen Kaza (Publicity)

"To find out more information about LGBTQ rights, gay marriage, religion and homosexuality, The Bible's stance on gay relationships or the politics around gay mariage please feel free to contact us or book a screening of FISH OUT OF WATER. Please note that a study guide can be downloaded from the "Book A Screening" page"

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