Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Annual Advertising Community Shorts Night: Midwest Independent Film Festival October 6th, 2009

Fish out of Water filmmakers and members of the production team attended the Midwest Independent Film Festival's first annual advertising community shorts night at the Landmark Century Theatre on Tuesday, October 6th. The film's editor and colorist, Anna Patel, screened her short at the festival, A Nephilim Grieves as a part of the evening. Her film World Premiered in 2009 at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Fish out of Water
Director, Ky Dickens, Anna Patel, and Producer, Fawzia Mirza, are pictured above on the left. On the lower right are Anna Patel, Fawzia Mirza and Samantha Hart, the Creative Director/Co-President of Foundation Content, the post-production house where the film was finished.

*event photos courtesy of Heather Stumpf and Popio Stumpf Photography.

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